The National RV Training Academy (NRVTA) will begin training operations at the Athens, Texas training facility in January of 2018.  The Academy will be offering The RV Apprenticeship Technician Program - a structured curriculum for the RV professional who desires to work towards becoming am RVDA/RVIA Certified RV Technician.  Along with the professional training curriculum, there are courses for the consumer who wants to know more about their RV and be able to further their skills with new knowledge and hands-on abilities.

Week One - RV Maintenance Course
The basic core for The RV Apprenticeship Technician Program for the RV professional.  It is also the perfect course for the consumer who desires to take care of their RV and possibly go on to becoming an RV Inspector, gaining certification through the NRVIA (National RV Inspectors Association) or become an RV maintenance technician for campgrounds.

Course Weeks Scheduled:
January 15-19, 2018; February 19-23, 2018; March 26-30, 2018


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Week Two - Air Conditioners and Heat Pumps
Operational Theory and Hands-On Troubleshooting. Component Testing of the compressor, capacitors, PTCR (starter relay), overload protector, freeze control thermistor, reversing valve, thermostat and control box, selector switches and fan motor.

Course Weeks Scheduled:
January 22-25, 2018; February 26-March 1, 2018; April 2-5, 2018

Week Three - RV Absorption Refrigerators
Operational Theory and Hands-On Troubleshooting. Troubleshooting of temperature controls, heat source operations, along with diagnosing and replacing the rear cooling coil. Proper installation and venting procedures.

Course Weeks Scheduled:
January 29- February 1, 2018; March 5-8, 2018; April 9-12, 2018

Week Four - Water Heaters & Furnaces
Operational Theory and Hands-On Troubleshooting. Water Heaters: Gas and electric operation, testing of circuit board, thermostat/ECO and electrode. Troubleshooting and maintenance procedures.

Furnaces: Gas operation, testing of the circuit board, sail switch, high temperature switch, electrode and blower motor. Troubleshooting and maintenance procedures.

Course Weeks Scheduled:
February 5-8, 2018; March 12-15, 2018; April 16-19, 2018

Week Five – Exterior Systems
Slide Outs: Types/drive systems and override procedures for Schwintek, hydraulic ram, cable, electric screw and geared motors. Leveling Systems: Types/drive operation and override procedures for LCI hydraulic and electric. Running Gear: Axles, suspension, and tires. Roofs: Types of roofing materials, repairs, and aftermarket coatings.  Sidewalls: Construction types of walls, windows, and doors.

Course Weeks Scheduled:
February 12-15, 2018; March 19-22, 2018; April 23-26, 2018