Advanced Training


Absorption Refrigerators...

You must be a graduate of the Basic RV Maintenance Course in order to attend any of the advanced courses.

Advanced Training - Week # 3 - RV Absorption Refrigerators – 4 Days / 10 Hours per day


  • Review the theory of operation of the propane and electrical circuits of the Dometic and Norcold brands of the RV absorption type of refrigerators.
  • Identify the various temperature controls used to maintain the cooling of the freezer and refrigerator areas.
  • Learn to read the wiring diagrams for the current models
  • Identify and troubleshoot the 12 volts DC and 120 volt AC test points along with the propane function of the circuit board operation.

Hands-On Labs

  • Component Identification
  • Troubleshooting Procedures on:
    • Temperature controls
    • Circuit board operations
    • Heating element(s)
    • LP gas ignition system
    • Air flow issues that affect the cooling of absorption type of refrigerators. switches
    • Diagnose operation of the cooling coil
    • Remove and replace the cooling coil

Final Exam will require hands-on troubleshooting and repairing of defective RV Absorption Refrigerators. Requires a passing Grade of 70% or better to receive credit for this class.

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