RV Dealer Training

RV Technician Apprenticeship Program

Solving the RV Technician Shortage Issue through LIVE, HANDS-ON classes.


The National RV Training Academy (NRVTA) in Athens, Texas offers The RV Technician Apprenticeship Program for the RV professional that needs to fast track their RV education.

The individual that would take this track of instruction would be someone that is wanting to gain the skill and knowledge to become a RV Dealer Technician or Mobile RV Technician with the intent to work toward becoming a RVDA/RVIA Registered Technician and then a Certified RV Technician.

This structured program is a curriculum of Hands-On Labs and Classroom Training that is broken into 5 separate weeks or blocks of learning. Each block is 1 week in length.  These 1 week blocks of instruction can be taken independently or as the cluster of 5 weeks in a row.

RV Technician Apprenticeship Program

Most adult learners have a full schedule with their family, their job and busy social calendar so their time is a precious commodity. Typically, they are a person that learns best with their hands.

While this “hands on” learner will gain some knowledge by reading the manual or by watching a video, their best knowledge retention and skill building takes place in the environment where they are able to operate, correctly troubleshoot and repair the various systems and equipment found in today’s RV.

The RV Apprenticeship Technician Program begins with Week #1 which is the RV Maintenance Course. It is the core or foundation of the program. In this RV Maintenance Course, not only will the individual develop the foundation to become a successful technician, but it will also prepare them to go further in their technical skills and career.

Once the technician completes the RV Maintenance Course they then move into the Advanced training modules (see the Advanced Training Topics Weeks  2 – 5) that helps them develop solid troubleshooting skills with the knowledge and skills to service today’s RV.

Pre-Requisite: The Technician MUST complete the RV Maintenance Course BEFORE they can move into one of the Advanced Training Topics during Weeks  2 - 5.  If the student can demonstrate through testing that he or she has the electrical, propane and water systems troubleshooting skills necessary to be successful in the Advanced Training Topics the Pre-Requisite can be waived.

The RV Technician Apprenticeship Program will also prepare the technician to take the *RVDA/RVIA Registered Technician exam which is the 1st step to becoming a *RVDA/RVIA Certified RV Technician.

*The RVDA/RVIA Registered and Certified Exams are NOT part of the National RV Training Academy program and the student must register and pay for these exams with the RVDA/RVIA see www.RVTechnician.com for details and to register for these exams.

*RV Technician Apprenticeship candidates are NOT required to take the RVDA/RVIA Certification exams in order to successfully complete the RV Technician Apprenticeship Program.


Week 1

RV Maintenance Course

This course is a prerequisite that must be taken in order to sign up for the Advanced Classes of Week # 2 - # 5


Week 2

Air Conditioners

Week 1 - RV Maintenance Course - is a prerequisite for this course.

Week 3

RV Refrigerators

Week 1 - RV Maintenance Course - is a prerequisite for this course.

Week 4

Water Heaters & Furnaces

Week 1 - RV Maintenance Course - is a prerequisite for this course.

Week 5

Exterior Systems

Week 1 - RV Maintenance Course - is a prerequisite for this course.

Video: Volt/Ohm Meter Training
Video: Refrigerator Trouble Shooting

Video: Testing for Propane Leaks

Video: The Purple Monkey