Basic RV Maintenance Training Course


Basic RV Maintenance Training Course

How To Become The True Master Of Your RV...

RV Owners, RV Professionals, Dealer Techs…Everyone starts here with this Basic RV Maintenance Training Course.

There’s nothing worse than going through all the work to clean, pack and prep your RV for an exciting trip just to have it break down on the side of the road on the way to your destination and ruin your vacation.

Well…nothing worse, except for those expensive bills when you finally get your RV back from the repair shop! Your plans and vacation can be ruined in the blink of an eye.

But it doesn’t have to be this way!

So many of the problems RVers have are simple things like a tripped circuit breaker, a blown fuse, or a water heater bypass valve that has been improperly closed.


If you know how the system works and where to look for problems, you can save money doing your own repairs and even help others solve their issues too!

Recent Course Graduates

Wouldn’t you like to have the knowledge and confidence to fix your RV when you have a vacation threatening problem with your RV?   Wouldn’t you like to be able to save yourself the time and money by keeping your RV out of the repair shop?

As a graduate, you will have the ability to fix 80% of the issues with your RV by yourself!

This live, 5-day, hands-on, RV Maintenance Training Course is a combination of in-depth, live classroom instruction and hands-on labs that will transform you into a master of RV maintenance and repair!

We know that 80% of the problems that folks have with their RVs are things that are easy to access and easy to fix!  You just need someone to show you how!

If You Learn Best From Hands-On Training, This Course Is A Fantastic Way To Learn!

5 Day Live Class

Full Pay: $1,644 or Three Pay: 3 x $594

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What You Will Learn...


  • Identify and operate the House and Chassis 12 volt DC battery systems and the house type 120 volt AC system
  • Learn how to identify Voltage, Amperage Resistance and to calculate Wattage loads/consumption for the RV circuits
  • Learn how to use a Volt Ohm Meter to troubleshoot these 3 electrical systems
  • Setting up the series and parallel configurations for the 2 different types of batteries
  • Troubleshooting tips and short cuts using the VOM and more


Propane System

  • LP Gas operational theory and function of LP detectors
  • The 4 key functions of LP regulator operations
  • Correct gas leak testing and documentation procedures

Water Systems

  • Operation of the 2 sewer (gray and black) and 2 fresh water systems that make up today’s RV plumbing
  • Component operation of pumps, valves, tank sensors and monitor panels
  • Plumbing fixture life safety features


Gas and air flow patterns along with the common issues that can occur with today’s RV air conditioners and refrigerators

Air Conditioners

  • Testing of the discharge air temperature via the Delta T test
  • Common installation and operational issues
  • Basic troubleshooting procedures

RV Absorption Refrigerators

  • RV Absorption Refrigerators
  • Proper ventilation and baffling placement
  • Basic troubleshooting procedures and test points for both brands of today’s RV refrigerators
  • Reset procedures of the recall kits for Norcold and Dometic refrigerators


Identify the component differences between the Dometic/Atwood and Suburban brands of water heaters and furnaces

Water Heaters

  • Operation of the different models of RV water heaters and their options/features
  • Basic troubleshooting procedures
  • Maintenance and basic service procedures


  • Operation of the RV furnace and its features
  • Basic troubleshooting procedures
  • Maintenance and basic service procedures

External Systems - Slide Out and Leveling Systems

  • Theory of the operation and function of the electric and hydraulic slide outs & leveling systems
  • Slide out rails and roller locations
  • Minor Adjustments
  • Bulb seals and sweeps – care and maintenance

External Systems - Roof and Sidewalls

  • Identifying the most common issues and repair procedures
  • Sealants, caulking and sealant tape applications
  • Final Exam - Requires a passing Grade of 70% or better to receive credit for this class and be allowed to move into the Advanced Classes

Terry Cooper - The Texas RV Professor

Video: Training Overview

Video: Volt/Ohm Meter Training

Video: Refrigerator Trouble Shooting

Video: Testing for Propane Leaks

Video: The Purple Monkey

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What You Can Do With This Training...

Fix 80% Of RV Issues Yourself

You'll know how to locate the problem, access the components, and repair almost everything on your RV!

Help Your Fellow RVers

You'll be able to help your RVing friends and neighbors when they have a vacation interrupting RV issue!

Save On Repair Costs

You'll save tons of money doing repairs yourself instead of paying untrained, unprofessional service techs to do who knows what to your RV!

Spot Issues When Buying

It's hard to know what you're getting when you buy an RV, but with this training you'll know what to look for and how serious the issues might be!

Enjoy Worry Free Travels

Vanquish your worries of something breaking on your RV because you'll have the confidence and skills to conquer almost any issue!

Build Your Own Small Business

You'll discover how you can utilize the knowledge gained in this course to build your very own small business!

Get Prepared For Certification

This course will prepare you to take the final certification exam through the National RV Training Academy in order to become a Certified RV Inspector, and it will begin you on the path of education that will get you certified as an RVDA/RVIA Certified RV Technician.

Extra Bonuses You Will Receive...

Workamper News

You’ll get a FREE year of Workamper Diamond membership!

If you are unfamiliar with Workamping, Workamper News ( has been helping RVers find jobs in great places since 1987! Workamper News helps you live a successful RV lifestyle by providing you with a bi-monthly magazine and website full of job listings & job finding tools, an online resume system, informative videos and articles and more! And, you will have access to it all!

Inside the members area, you will find the "Small Biz RVer School" - this supplemental informational course will get you primed for learning more about the benefits of owning your own small business that you take with you on the road in your RV. You don’t have to build your small business alone when you can learn from others who have come before you.

This $47 membership is yours for free when you attend the class. If you're already a Workamper News member, your membership expiration will be upgraded and/or extended!

National RV Inspectors Association

You’ll get a FREE year of membership to the NRVIA!

Join the ranks of the NRVIA (, a nationwide network of RV inspectors who are teaming up to provide Premium RV Inspection services for the thousands of RV owners and buyers all across America! 

NRVIA members are setting the standards for RV Inspections in the United States. Armed with a Code of Ethics and Standard Operating Procedures, NRVIA members are outshining any competition out there.

With your NRVIA membership, not only will you be able to get certified to inspect RVs, you'll be connected with others of like mind and conviction, along with continuing education resources, annual member conference, business operation guidance, financial education, and more!

These are just a few of benefits that you will enjoy when you attend the Basic RV Maintenance Course and get your $499 membership for free!

What Are You Waiting For?

By now you’ve realized how valuable these five days of hands on training with our experienced, certified instructors will be in building your technical knowledge of RVs, but you’re also going to have small business training stepping you through the process of developing your own company.

You will be taken through the steps necessary to begin building your business and you will develop the mindset required to be successful!  During these sessions you will learn about entity structures, business planning, taxes, and much more.

Not only will you be provided with a proven business model of completing RV inspections that you can follow and be successful with, but you will be introduced to other mentors such as Mark Kohler, Attorney/CPA, who will teach how to not be afraid of income taxes and the IRS. Learn how you can embrace the tax laws allowing you to keep more of your income while earning more, allowing you to build real wealth.

But, RV inspections aren't the only business model that this awesome small business info will be good for.  It will be applicable to any type of small business you want to run.  The knowledge you gain from these sessions will leave you brimming with small business ideas and excitement!

Here are just a few more careers that you could do with the knowledge you will gain by taking this course...


Enjoy helping others solve their RV issues? Turn your passion into a career and earn a stellar income too!


Many campgrounds would love to have a trained technician on site to fix problems for their customers!


Many RV dealerships need trained techs to do a final walkthrough on an RV before it is sold!


RVs have multiple fluids that can be sampled and tested to find issues before they become major problems!

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Unable To Attend A Live Class? We've Got You Covered...


Get your RV Maintenance Training from the comfort of your own home!

Hundreds of course graduates will tell you that the live, 5 Day RV Maintenance Tech Course was "One of the best training investments they have ever made!"

That sounds good but what if you can’t make it to one of the live sessions this year?

What if you had all the training information in an online training course or on a USB memory stick, along with all the handouts used in the live classes, right on your computer from the comfort of your own home?

Now you can have it all!  Get the RV Maintenance Home Study Course with video training from Master Certified RV Technician and Professional Instructor, Terry Cooper, “The Texas RV Professor” and learn how you can maintain and repair your RV at your own pace and the most convenient time for you!


USB Drive

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The RV Tech Course Home Study Version consists of:

  • Videos of the training conducted during the live classroom sessions. Each session is broken down into segments that you can watch in 15 to 20 minutes or less for easy viewing
  • Additional videos that further support the live class recordings
  • Printed workbooks for each session along with additional handouts to supplement your RV maintenance training
  • Field training exercises so you can have the “hands on” learning experience too!

Extra Bonuses Included!

With the Home Study version, you will still get the free $47 Workamper Diamond Membership. You’ll get $200 off your first year of NRVIA membership. And, you’ll get a $300 credit to use towards the live RV Maintenance Training Course, if you decide you want to attend the live course! That’s $547 worth of bonuses!!!

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