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Welcome to the National RV Training Academy!

We offer training for all types of students. Whether you are an RV dealership with service technicians, an RV professional running your own Mobile RV Tech or RV Inspection business, or if you are simply an RV owner that wants to learn the ins and outs of your RV so you can save money repairing your own RV, we have the training you need to build your RV maintenance and repair confidence!

RV Technical Training Courses for Everyone!

Choose the training that fits you best...

RV Dealer Services Training

This option is for the RV dealership that is looking to grow the knowledge and skills of it's service center staff.

RV Professional Services Training

This option is for the professional mobile RV tech, certified RV Inspector, walk-through tech, or fluid analysis tech that wants to learn more.

RV Owner Services Training

This option is for the RV owner that wants to gain the confidence to maintain and repair their own RV.

As the demand for RVs continues to grow, so does the demand for technical RV training by dealerships, professionals and owners.

The RV industry is growing at such a rapid pace that the need for trained and qualified individuals has outpaced the available pool of skilled workers.

When we add the volume of RV owners who are investing large sums of money into recreational vehicles and receiving very little instruction on how to properly operate or maintain their RV, the pressure for the skilled technical staff is pushing the current pool of technicians to the breaking point.

Whether you are looking for technical training for a career or you are looking to learn how to properly service and maintain your RV, the National RV Training Academy in Athens, Texas has the courses to meet your needs!

Hands On Training


RV technical training courses at the National RV Training Academy feature hands-on training with specific subjects broken into one week or shorter blocks of instruction - similar to the successful military and union trade school training programs currently being used in North America.

The key to success for this type of accelerated learning method is a small amount of classroom instruction accompanied by a large amount of hands-on lab work to properly instruct the student on how to correctly operate, troubleshoot, and repair the equipment found in today's RVs.

Training Done Right

  • Indoor, state-of-the-art facility with classrooms
  • Hands-on training labs paired with classroom training
  • Small class sizes; typically 20 to 30 students
  • Two students to each lab work station
  • Classroom training paired with hands on learning
  • Online resources including handouts and videos, plus a forum to connect with your classmates
  • On site RV park and meeting rooms available for vendor and supplier training


RV techinical training courses at the NRVTA are designed to get you started quickly!

Our courses take one week or less to complete!

The classes at the National RV Training Academy are based upon the concept of using hands on training labs for the “hands on” learner dealing with specific subjects in 1 week or less blocks of instruction.

Our goal is keep the training streamlined and specific.

Get started today by choosing the path that best fits you.