Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


What about Covid-19?

We are following the mandates set forth by the state of Texas.  Students are not required to wear face masks when entering the facility. However, all students are encourage to wear mask if they so choose. We are providing each student with their own table and are placed accordingly to the recommended social distancing protocol. All students are welcome to attend regardless of vaccinated or unvaccinated status.   

Updated – August 25, 2021 Executive Order issued by Governor Abbott and Deputy Joe A Esparza,  Deputy Secretary of State. (please click on the link below for details)

What tools do I bring?

There are some tools that you’ll need to bring with you for the first day of class.  We will send you an extensive tool list that you’re going to want to gather as you develop your tool kit to do RV Tech / Inspection work.  However, there are only 4 tools that you want to bring with you on the first day of class.  Those are: a manometer which is used to measure and test for LP gas leaks; a multimeter (there are specific models we recommend so pay attention to the tool list we send); a polarity tester, and an assortment of screwdrivers and wrenches.  If you are coming for an Advanced Inspector class, you may have a different tool list – if you don’t see that in your course registration information, be sure to contact us to get that.

What’s a typical class schedule?

Typically, we run a M-F, 8am-5pm.   If students need additional help or have a lot of questions, we may start early or stay late to accommodate those requests.  Also, to earn your certifications for the different programs offered, you’re going to have an additional optional day of training and testing on Saturday.  If you plan to participate, please be sure to set your lodging arrangements to accommodate what your needs are for certification testing.

Do you have business basics?

Whether you have experience in starting a business or not, that’s okay!  We will talk about how to take the knowledge that you will be obtaining in the week 1 RV Fundamentals Training course and launch that into a successful mobile business that can include technician work, inspections , or any other small business! Your spouse/partner will be able to come to the business development portions of the course too – we want them to participate and help you start and grow your small business!

What are my lodging options?

We are conveniently located next door to the Texan RV Park.  You can bring your own RV to the Academy and stay on site and be able to walk to class each day.  The Texan RV Park also offers cabins and RV rentals, so if you don’t have an RV you can still come and participate in training and be able to stay here.  Every day after class you will have homework to do so having your RV with you is a great benefit for accomplishing those activities.  However, the NRVTA does have RVs at the facility and in place at the Texan RV Park that can be utilized for these activities and testing.

Can I bring my spouse/partner?

Often times we get the question “Can my spouse or my partner attend training with me?”  Each student at the training academy has to be a registered student.  So, if you are a husband and wife team or you have two individuals that are going into business together, each person will have to register for training.   During the week 1 RV Fundamentals Training course, we have some small business development training in the mornings that your spouse or partner can participate in, but once the technical training starts, only the students will remain.  There are many things to do in the area that you can take advantage of while here, and Evada (Lady E) Cooper will be offering a special RV Kitchen seminar one of the afternoons of the week 1 RV Fundamentals Training course that your spouse/partner may want to attend.

Where is the NRVTA located?

We are located in Athens, Texas which is about an hour south east of the Dallas/Ft. Worth metroplex.  We are right on the edge of the East Piney Woods, and about an hour from Tyler, Texas. You can take HWY 175 from Dallas and when you get to Athens, you will see the the Big Red Schoolhouse on your left.  If you are flying in, you will want to fly to the Dallas/Ft. Worth Airport or Dallas Love Airport, pick up a rental car (or RV) and drive on down to the Texan RV Park which is located right next door to our training facility.

Does NRVTA offer classes outside of Texas?

At this time, all live NRVTA classes are taking place at the NRVTA facility in Athens, Texas.