Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How much does this training cost?

Pricing varies based on the training program you select.  To receive an estimate for the program you’re interested in from a Student Advisor, please click here to request information. 

Can I use tuition benefit programs such as the GI Bill®?

Yes! We are now a newly approved eligible training provider with the VA for veteran education benefit programs such as the GI Bill®.  We are taking enrollments now! To prepare for this option, please reach out to a Student Advisor to begin planning your program and date choices at the NRVTA! Please contact a Student Advisor today!

“GI Bill® is a registered trademark of the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). More information about education benefits offered by VA is available at the official U.S. government Web site at”

How do I enroll into the NRVTA?

We are excited you want to take training with us! As a licensed and certified TWC Career School & College, we do have a required process all new students must follow. Jump over to our admissions page to read more and get started today!

Can I become both a Certified RV Technician and Certified RV Inspector?

Absolutely! In fact, many NRVTA graduates have completed both certification training programs to diversify and offer multiple types of services from their mobile service businesses. Our course calendar is designed to provide you with the ability to complete both programs sequentially, ultimately saving you time with one visit to NRVTA! To learn more, please contact a Student Advisor today!

Is my Certification recognized across the United States?

Yes! The two credentialing bodies, NRVIA (National RV Inspectors Association) and RVTAA (RV Technicians Association of America) are both nationally recognized associations. To be a certified member of either organization is earned by completing an approved training program such as the National RV Training Academy and maintaining your certification through yearly membership dues ($299/year) and continuing education (24 hours/year). To learn more about either the NRVIA or RVTAA, please visit their websites:

What tools do I bring?

There are some tools that you’ll need to bring with you to class. Click here to access the tool list. Each class has its own list of required and optional tools. Questions for the tool list can be sent to Tasha Patterson, [email protected].

What are my lodging options?

There are multiple lodging options within 10-15 minutes from NRVTA.  The Texan RV Park is conveniently located next door and offers both RV sites, rental cabins and tiny homes. The Texan RV Park does often sell out but there are several other nearby options such as the Lake Athens Marina and RV Park and Best Western hotel.

Can I bring my spouse/partner?

Oftentimes we get the question “Can my spouse or my partner attend training with me?”  Each student at the training academy has to be a registered student.  So, if you are a husband and wife team or you have two individuals that are going into business together, each person will have to register for training.   During the RV Fundamental Courses for Advanced Program students, we have some small business development training in the mornings that your spouse or partner can participate in that begins at 7am, but once the technical training starts at 8:30am, only the students will remain.  There are many things to do in the area that you can take advantage of while here, and Evada (Lady E) Cooper will be offering a special RV Kitchen seminar one of the afternoons of the week 1 RV Fundamentals Training course that your spouse/partner may want to attend. We have gathered some of our ‘favorite’ activities for the area and placed them on an online calendar for you to see. If you have questions about these items, feel free to reach out to Tasha Patterson for more information.

What is around the NRVTA?

In and around Athens, Texas are many unique experience opportunities. Although students will be busy during class days, the weekends offer a chance to get out and explore what East Texas has to offer. In addition to the online calendar that lists our ‘favorite’ activities, here are some other websites you can check out for events or activities for the area. Feel free to reach out to Tasha Patterson for more guidance on what to do while you’re visiting NRVTA.

Where is the NRVTA located?

We are located in Athens, Texas which is about an hour south east of the Dallas/Ft. Worth metroplex.  We are right on the edge of the East Piney Woods, and about an hour from Tyler, Texas. You can take HWY 175 from Dallas and when you get to Athens, you will see the the Big Red Schoolhouse on your left.  If you are flying in, you will want to fly to the Dallas/Ft. Worth Airport or Dallas Love Airport, pick up a rental car (or RV) and drive on down to the Texan RV Park which is located right next door to our training facility.

Does NRVTA offer classes outside of Texas?

Due to the extensive hands-on training requirements, all NRVTA classes are taking place at the NRVTA facility in Athens, Texas. If you’re unable to take a class in person, check out the RV Tech Course Home Study.