Avoid an RV buying nightmare

How to avoid an RV buying Nightmare

Tony Flammia RV Tech Tips, Spotlight

If you’re looking to buy a new or used RV you may be wondering what steps you need to take to avoid buying something that has the potential to fall apart or cost a small fortune to fix. Here’s a five part answer coming from someone who has experienced what could happen when you’re buying an RV alone. Brenda Puckett …

Dump your RV tanks up hill!

Tony Flammia RV Tech Tips

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you’ve found the perfect set up spot but you’re too far away or downhill from the sewer connection? Here we have a solution, whether you are boondocking or moochdocking: a macerator.  Some rigs come equipped with a macerator, but many don’t. I do suggest upgrading your RV game by purchasing a …

What does an RV inverter do?

Tony Flammia RV Tech Tips

Many people are dabbling in solar power and looking for ways to live off the grid for a while because it opens up more camping options. Yet, they still want to power their televisions, too.  They will need a device called an inverter that pulls energy from 12-volt direct current (DC) RV batteries and use that to invent the 120-volt …

How much can my truck REALLY tow?

Tony Flammia RV Tech Tips

If you don’t have a motorhome, then you’ll need to tow your fifth wheel or travel trailer with a truck. But, how much weight can you really tow with it? When you try to research that question online, you’ll probably get many different answers.  “We see that all the time,” said Todd Henson, lead technical instructor at the National RV …

Five tips for selecting the right generator for you

Tony Flammia RV Tech Tips

In the winter of 2021, RVers living in Texas got caught off guard when a highly-unusual, rare winter storm drifted through the state. It brought nearly half an inch of ice followed by 5 inches of snow in many areas.  Temperatures dropped below freezing for nearly 10 days in parts of the state. The cold weather put such a drain …

Tips for maintaining RV batteries

Tony Flammia RV Tech Tips

If there is one thing all RVs have in common, it is more batteries than a typical car. With the exception of a pop-up trailer, most RVs will have at least two batteries to power everything inside the rig when it is not plugged into shore power. Motorhomes will have an additional battery to provide power to the engine. All …

5 things to consider when buying a new RV

Tony Flammia RV Tech Tips

You’ve found the ideal RV – one that you know will meet your family’s needs for years to come. You’re so excited that you can’t wait to get out and enjoy new adventures with this new RV. But, is it the best RV for you?  “There is no such thing as the perfect RV,” said Todd Henson, an instructor at …

Use your RV water pump when hooked up to water???

Tony Flammia RV Tech Tips

Have you ever had this problem? You go to an RV park and either have too much water pressure or not enough pressure? The water just trickles out of your shower head… You’ve been told to get a water pressure regulator and protect your RV. Don’t get us wrong, this is a good product to have. You’ll find there’s really …

Turn black tank solids into liquid in 2 hours

Tony Flammia RV Tech Tips

In this Tech tip Tuesday we test a couple “solid” eating products that will turn even the largest of poop pyramids into the Nile river. Learn how to keep a healthy black and grey tank in Todd’s Two Minute Tech Tip Tuesday.