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Can I Travel with my RV Propane on?

Ingrid FeaginRV Tech Tips

Welcome to another episode of Todd’s Two Minute Tech Tip Tuesday, brought to you by the National RV Training Academy, the largest hands-on RV Training Academy in America. Hi, I’m Todd Henson, here at the Big Red School House for Tech Tip Tuesday. As you can see behind me, students are working on furnaces, and I thought it would be a great time to talk about a propane-related product that offers an added layer of safety.

Now, I’m sure most of you who have attended my class know that I’m a big proponent of not traveling down the road with your propane on. While it’s not illegal, it’s just one of those things that shouldn’t be done. However, there are certain circumstances where it becomes a catch-22, especially when traveling up north in cold weather. If you’re traveling from one destination to another, and your pipes are at risk of freezing, some people may actually be running with a propane arm.

This is where the Gas Stop comes in. This product adds an extra layer of safety, as it has an excess flow valve feature that stops the flow of propane completely. The standard service valve equipped on your tank or cylinder will not stop the flow of propane, so in case of a catastrophic break, it would be severely slowed down, but not stopped. This could be dangerous, as all we need is a spark, and we’re in trouble. The Gas Stop’s excess flow valve feature completely stops the flow of propane, adding a much-needed layer of safety.

But that’s not all. The Gas Stop also comes with a small dial that allows you to perform a leak test. When you switch out your cylinder or tank, and you get a whiff of propane, you don’t know if there’s a leak in one of your connections or at the cylinder itself. With the Gas Stop, you can charge the system by opening the valve and then shutting it off. The system is charged, and you can see an indicator of where it is. Take a picture, walk away, and come back in five minutes to take another picture. You can compare the two pictures and see if the indicator has changed positions, giving you peace of mind and taking away the fear of a propane leak.

The Gas Stop is an excellent product that everyone should consider having. It adds an extra layer of safety, and if you must travel down the road with your propane on, it’s a must-have. For those of us with a split cylinder system, it’s especially useful as it eliminates the need to bend the pigtail and switch out cylinders every time. The Gas Stop is a product that offers peace of mind, and in the RV market, it’s something that no one else is doing. So, don’t wait, get the Gas Stop today!