Do I need an EMS at a New RV Park?

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Welcome to another Todd’s Two Minute Tech Tip Tuesday, brought to you by the National RV Training Academy. The largest hand-on RV training academy in America.

Do you need to worry about spending the money on an Energy Management System, surge protector, or Watchdog if you’re staying at a brand new RV park?

Let’s talk about it..

Even in a new park you can have problems with the voltage coming in. Unfortunately we don’t ordinarily see the voltage vacillate (meaning it goes up or down). Have you ever been in an RV park and you see the water pressure vacillate? It’s the same thing with voltage. We call these surge protectors because if there’s lightening or if you have a random surge coming in from the city, we want to protect from that and of course it’s way too much voltage. There’s a lot of problems with what we call brown outs or low voltage and this is where an EMS, surge protector, or Watchdog helps out. They are also monitoring devices, not just a surge protector, so they have a window they work in. If there’s too much voltage or even too little it’ll shut the power off to your rig. Not only that, they will also monitor your amperage, hertz, and whether or not you have any open lines. One of the biggest problems we have is if we lose the neutral inside the RV, nothing tells electrons “hey, you have an open neutral” because they’ll try to find an another path.

So yes, even in a brand new RV park you want to get an EMS, surge protector, or Watchdog.

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