Avoid an RV buying nightmare

How to avoid an RV buying Nightmare

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If you’re looking to buy a new or used RV you may be wondering what steps you need to take to avoid buying something that has the potential to fall apart or cost a small fortune to fix. Here’s a five part answer coming from someone who has experienced what could happen when you’re buying an RV alone. Brenda Puckett is a Certified NRVIA Inspector. She has been RVing her whole life and has an endless passion for the RV lifestyle.

She turned that passion into Queen Bee RV: an RV Inspection business. “As a Certified Inspector and member of the National Recreational Vehicle Inspectors Association, I am professionally trained to provide you with information about the current condition of the RV you have your eye on.” ~ Brenda

Part 1 Who needs to get an inspection? (New or Used)

The simple answer is – anyone who is considering buying a new or used RV or selling one they own as well as many other answers to this question such as…lenders, insurers, extended services agreements. If you were buying a pre-purchase inspection performed by an NRVIA Certified RV Inspector provides you with an unbiased view of the condition of the equipment at the time of inspection. If you are the seller, it provides you with a qualified unbiased view to justify the price you are asking for the unit.

Part 2 What does an RV Inspection cost and why you need to make sure your inspector is NRVIA certified

Part 3 Shocking things we’ve seen

Part 4 You’re told you don’t need an inspection because the dealership does a PDI

Part 5 Most common issues we see during an RV inspection

To find a Certified RV Inspector visit www.NRVIA.org/locate

Thinking about becoming a Certified NRVIA RV Inspector? Here’s a few reasons why RV Inspectors are needed NOW more than ever.

  • The RV industry is experiencing a tremendous growth period and is expected to continue over the coming years. The 22,000 Baby Boomers who are retiring each day are fueling this phenomenal rate of industry growth. With 65% of the pre-owned RVs being sold privately, the thousands of sales taking place without dealer involvement is staggering.
  • No one is looking at these RVs and the buyers are blindly purchasing without an understanding of the condition of the RV they are plopping down their hard earned money for…in many cases thousands and thousands of dollars.
  • There is great opportunity for the RV inspector who can provide purchasing peace-of-mind and keep future RV owners from buying a money pit. Thousands of Inspectors are needed across the country for this growing industry.

What is the NRVIA?

NRVIA – The National RV Inspectors Association is an association that is partnered with the National RV Training Academy with a combined mission to provide education, testing, and certification resources for the RV inspection industry.

The association is based in Athens, Texas in a shared training facility with the National RV Training Academy, and has had a national membership presence since its inception on January 1, 2014.

The Certified RV Inspector Training offered by the NRVTA is a three week hands-on training for the newbie or for the more experienced RVer or certified RV technician who has the desire to also become a certified inspector. After the first week of RV Fundamentals, students will be able to hone their skills through an intense two weeks of advanced inspector training to offer full in-depth and higher price point inspections.

The most common requested inspection is a pre-purchase inspection for an RV buyer who is looking for a ‘home inspection’ on the RV they wish to purchase. NRVTA strives to provide all graduates with the knowledge and ability to perform pre-purchase RV Inspections.  Clients can verify training and certifications using the NRVIA Inspector Locator before booking an inspection.