Making Thanksgiving Dinner in your RV

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“Hey now, it’s day two of our cooking series, let’s go ahead and show you how to prepare that turkey in an RV. Or just cooking with a turkey breast so what I’m going to do is go ahead and bring on Charity and Ben from Grateful Glamper. Take it away.”


“I’m Charity from Grateful Glamper and I wanted to share a quick cooking tip for Thanksgiving in your RV. Now instead of getting a big huge turkey and you’re wondering “How am I going to cook thing in the RV with limited resources?” You can get just a turkey breast at the grocery store. That’s actually what we’re going to be doing this year is we’re going to purchase a turkey breast and then I’m going to cook it in the Instant Pot so that’ll make for a great Thanksgiving meal and it’s RV friendly.”


“We’re gonna go ahead and continue on with our cooking in the RV for turkey day and nothing better than possibly thinking about cooking dessert in a smoker. How about taking a pellet grill and cooking dessert. Well I’m not going to show you how to do that, I’m going to go ahead and bring on the Venturesome Couple, Chris and Martha. Go ahead and take it away.”


“Thanksgiving’s coming up and we want to share a quick cooking tip with you guys.” Martha says. 

“That’s right. We love cooking, and having Thanksgiving in an RV can be just as memorable as having it at your sticks and bricks.” says Chris. 

Martha goes on to say, “Absolutely. Last year we actually baked a pumpkin pie in our little baby Traeger Pellet Grill.” “You heard that guys. Don’t underestimate the amount or quality of the food that could come out of a pellet barbecue.” Says Chris. 

“While the turkey’s in the oven I use my air fryer for the veggies.” Martha says. 

“They’re freaking awesome. The Pellet grill makes dessert while the turkey is cooking.” Chris responds. 

“Yeah and it was a delicious meal. So what do you think Chris?”. 

“I think it was great and never underestimate the appliances that you have and do not hesitate to try and cook with the things you have. Utilize the stove, oven, pellet grill, and the air fryer. You can have an excellent meal with your family.” 

They both go on to say, “Thank you for watching our tip. We’re Chris and Martha, the Venturesome Couple, and enjoy every moment.”


“And since we’re talking about turkey day. I’m gonna go ahead and bring on Ryan Miller from Miller’s in Motion, to show us how to cook that turkey outside. Take it away.”


“Hey everyone, I’m Ryan from Miller’s in Motion. The Thanksgiving turkey, it’s the staple of the holiday. It’s the centerpiece of the table. Well if you’re RVing this year for the holiday’s and you got to cook that bird, it might not be so easy in an RV oven. Sometimes those things get a little bit small. There are bigger ones like the one we happen to have in our rig, but you did not get into RVing to do things inside so you should definitely get outside and cook that bird. There’s tons of really good ways to cook and oh, we get to fry the turkey! But please, be careful if you’re going to fry the turkey in a campground or anywhere near your RV. 

1. Check with your campground/camp host/office, wherever you happen to be. Check to make sure you are allowed to because you may not be able to. 

2. Never ever ever ever under any circumstances put that thing anywhere near your RV. Get that thing as far away as possible and away from any other flammable things so you don’t have a problem. Also, never put a frozen turkey into the fryer.

3. Please please please do not put your turkey in the pot with oil, only water. Put the water in there until it covers the turkey and don’t go over that max fill line on the pot. When you take your pot out, that line in there is where you fill your oil to. 

There’s also one other way that I really like to cook my turkey.. So the other way to cook your turkey outside is with a pellet smoker. It doesn’t use a whole lot of energy so if you’re boon-docking, its a great option and two, some of those smoked turkey recipes that are out there are so good. So definitely get outside and think about smoking your next bird. Happy Thanksgiving everybody.”


“I promise, you’ll thank me for this recipe. I’ve got no Tech Tip, so here’s your eating tip.”

Watch the attached video for bloopers!