Managing Condensation in Your RV

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All right in this video I’m going to cover some of the questions that we have and that is managing the condensation inside the RV. Now first and foremost I have covered some of this before in a previous video which can be found here.

What I’m going to do is also bring in some other ideas. I’ve got some wonderful friends and we’re going to collab together. So let’s look at the topics for condensation. Now down and simple right, let’s say you’re in an area where it’s cold. The colder it gets outside depending on where you are, the less condensation or the less vapors you have outside but you’ve still got a lot of moisture inside the RV. How do you get the moisture that is inside the RV, outside so you don’t have much condensation or humidity. Let me go ahead and bring on Turn it Up World, that’s Dave and Tanya. Let’s listen to their tips on how to get that condensation out.


“Hi this is Dave and Tanya from Let’s Turn It Up World and our tip for dealing with RV condensation in our small Four Season Winnebago Echo and we do a lot of winter camping which can actually be very challenging from a condensation standpoint so in addition to using a dehumidifier, we’ll actually slightly crack open our max air fan so you get a little bit of airflow, so as we build up all of this condensation, you want that flow to come right out to the max air vent. We’ll also have a fan to blow the air up as well to keep that flow going in the rig.”


“Okay so let’s say now you want to look at maybe getting a dehumidifier. Let me go ahead and bring on Charity and Ben from Grateful Glamper and they’ll give us their tip.”


“I am Charity with Grateful Glamper and our best tip on managing condensation in the RV when you are camping in those colder climates is a little dehumidifier. We actually purchased one last year because we were struggling with some condensation in our RV here in the Florida area during the Tampa Super Show so we got this little unit and it does a great job with dehumidifying the air and keeping that condensation off of windows, walls, and things like that. We got ours on Amazon and I want to say it was about $20, so a super inexpensive way to manage our condensation.”


“Now for whatever reason your mattress is wet. You’ve been somewhere where it’s so stinking humid right, you start getting concerned about all that humidity getting stuck into your mattress. Let me go ahead and bring on Chris and Martha from Venturesome Couple to talk about the Den-Dry.”


Martha: “We want to give you a quick tip about moisture control in your RV.”

Chris: “That’s right. Humidity is a problem especially for those of us who like to hang out in the South.”

Martha: “So what we do is put a Den-Dry underneath our mattress in our RV.”

Chris: “You’re probably wondering, what a Den-Dry is.. well it’s a mat we roll out that goes in between the mattress and the bed. It’s the base of the bed particularly and it creates a barrier between the mattress that allows air to get in there so that your mattress doesn’t sweat and you don’t end with with mold.

(Watch video to see their Den-Dry and how they use it)

Chris: “This is an absolute must no matter where you go.”

Martha: “It was really easy to install like Chris said, we rolled it out, screwed it down to the bed frame, and we cut around it.”

Chris: “That’s all there is to it.”

Together: “So that’s it, we’re Chris and Martha, the Venturesome Couple, thank you so much for watching our tip.”


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