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Air Force Vet turned RV Tech

Tony Flammia Testimonies

Air Force Vet turns RV Tech. Paul Choi spent 21 years in the U.S. Air Force and when he retired he decided he wanted to spend more time with his family so they decided to travel in a RV full time. Paul came to the NRVTA to have a steady income while traveling with his family.

NRVTA Managment

NRVTA restructures around a six-person management team

Tony Flammia Press Releases

ATHENS, Texas – The National RV Training Academy (NRVTA) today announced it completed a restructuring initiative to empower a six-person management team to oversee day-to-day responsibilities for the school and related associations.  As of Feb. 1, six people were vested with decision-making responsibilities for NRVTA as well as the National RV Inspectors Association (NRVIA) and RV Technician Association of America …

Dump your RV tanks uphill

Codi Johnson RV Tech Tips

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you’ve found the perfect set up spot but you’re too far away or downhill from the sewer connection? Here we have a solution, whether you are boondocking or moochdocking: a macerator.  Some rigs come equipped with a macerator, but many don’t. I do suggest upgrading your RV game by purchasing a …

Keep rust off your RV

Codi Johnson RV Tech Tips

Typically as RVer’s, when it’s summer time we take vacations. And where do we go? To the coast, of course! Well, once we get out to the coast, one of the things we have to consider is the salty water that gets into the air and onto the RV which begins to destroy the framework by causing rust, amongst other …

Fix your RV tank sensors

Codi Johnson RV Tech Tips

Many of you have asked about cleaning your tank sensors. Well, sensor issues are fairly obvious: particulates, which could be toilet paper amongst other things. There are 3 sensors, which are essentially probes sticking inside the tank. Since the probes protrude inside the tank, we fill it up which leaves solids sitting up top. As we begin to release the …

RV slide out spray lube

Codi Johnson RV Tech Tips

The question of what type of lube to use on our seals seems to come up fairly often because there are so many different types available. The problem is that many of us don’t know which type to actually use, so we look at the recommendations from some of the providers. The one thing that they will tell you is …

Checking and maintaining your bearings

Codi Johnson RV Tech Tips

A lot of you know to service your brakes as well as your trailer brakes, yet unaware of the service intervals on our towables. We want to look at our brakes every 6,000 miles, or twice a year. To do so, you’ll want to check the thickness of the pads, should you have them, or the shoes. Once we’re already …

Common RV awning issues

Codi Johnson RV Tech Tips

Often we hear a lot of complaints that they don’t make awnings the way they used to. You hear it all the time, “I’ve got a 1978 such and such type RV that’s got an awning and it hasn’t ever ripped off!” Well, nowadays it seems as though they rip off fairly easily. So what’s the problem? Let’s go over …

The truth behind RV refrigerators

Codi Johnson RV Tech Tips

If you ever look at the back of your RV style refrigerator, you’re going to notice coils made of metal containing a product called sodium chromate which protects the linings of the metal. There’s also ammonia, water and hydrogen inside, and as we all know, water and metal equal rust. Since we don’t want these coils to rust, the sodium …

Checking your RV roof seals

Codi Johnson RV Tech Tips

In today’s Tech Tip, we are going to discuss how to check and maintain your RV’s roof seals.  The rain showers have passed, the roof is dry and guess what’s taking place upon your roof?  The sealants are beginning to dry, crack and shrink. You see, most sealants are made with acrylic, and that acrylic is water based and because …