NRVTA announces working arrangement with Coach-Net

Tony FlammiaPress Releases

ATHENS, Texas – The National RV Training Academy (NRVTA) today announced that graduates of its technical training program can apply to be a part of Coach-Net’s vendor network.

Coach-Net has provided around-the-clock emergency road services to RVers since 1987. Always looking to expand their network of thousands of RV dealerships, repair centers, and other emergency providers, Coach-Net will begin accepting applications from NRVTA graduates looking to become mobile service providers.

The mobile RV technicians will complete a standard application and undergo a thorough screening process to verify their qualifications and ensure their ability to deliver quality service before they will be listed as a Coach-Net provider. Once registered, Coach-Net customer service representatives will have the ability to dispatch the mobile technicians to wherever RVers need assistance. 

“We provide emergency road service wherever our RVing members need help, and many NRVTA graduates are in business to provide mobile service wherever RVers are located,” said Rod Fone, director of partner development for Coach-Net. “It just makes sense to work with technicians that have been RV-trained and are qualified to offer help for our members as quickly as possible.”

There is no cost for technicians who graduated from an NRVTA program to participate in the referral program as long as they continue providing high-quality mobile repairs, he explained.

NRVTA President Terry “Cooper” Cooper praised the announcement as a triple win for everyone involved.

“First, Coach-Net members win because they will receive quick, professional service wherever they experience problems,” he explained. “Coach-Net wins because the company will be able to expand its network of providers that can perform a number of emergency repair services right on site without requiring Coach-Net members to take their RV to a service center.

“Third, NRVTA graduates benefit by having the ability to serve Coach-Net members living in their service areas or just passing through,” Cooper added. “It’s just one more way these independent service technicians can grow their mobile businesses.”

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