RV Unplugged Season One Contestants

NRVTA Introduces Contestants for the Upcoming RV Unplugged Video Series

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ATHENS, Texas – With nine days to go before the first episode of the RV Unplugged reality show goes live on YouTube, the National RV Training Academy (NRVTA) today offered details about the Season One contestants. 

The school collaborated with some popular bloggers and video creators promoting the RV lifestyle. The reality show pits contestants against each other and the clock to overcome unique challenges in hopes of receiving a $10,000 cash prize awarded to the winners.

The Season One contestants include:

Phil & Stacy Farley with You, Me and the RV

Phil & Stacy Farley serve as captains of the Red Team and Blue Team, which means husband and wife compete against each other to lead their team to victory. RVing since 2018, the Farleys founded the You, Me and the RV platform (formerly Today is Someday) to share lessons they learned and describe experiences enjoyed on their journeys. 

RVing in a Tiffin 33AA RED motorhome, the Farleys are experienced boondockers who enjoy camping at state and national parks, as well as sites operated by U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. Working in cooperation with their 164,000 followers, the couple has raised more than $130,000 for organizations serving military veterans. 

With an aim to inspire others to chase their travel dreams, the couple said they wish everyone could experience something new.

To connect with the Farleys, visit www.todayissomeday.net.

Mike & Susan Scarpignato with RV Blogger

Traveling around America in their 37-foot Thor Challenger motorhome, Mike and Susan Scarpignato are the founders of RV Camping magazine and the RV Blogger website. They also developed a YouTube channel to share tips, product reviews and details of their travels. 

Based out of Maryland, Susan worked for a television station. She has been RVing most of her life, but teamed up with Mike, a former builder, in 2018 to search for unique mountain, ocean and desert views.

As single parents of two adult daughters each, Mike and Susan met on Match.com. They said the RV lifestyle is more than living in a recreation vehicle; it is about having freedom to live the life people want to live. Their website’s tagline is “shift ctrl & esc,” a tribute to the computer keystroke combination used to reset by escaping. 

To connect with the Scarpignatos, visit www.rvblogger.com.

Dave and Tanya Villa with Let’s Turn it Up World

Sharing the same birthday, Dave and Tanya Villa founded two YouTube channels to showcase a variety of domestic and international travel videos. 

Relative newcomers to RVing, they launched as full-time RVers in 2021 with their two cats in a Winnebago EKKO Class C motorhome. They have already visited 30 states in their RV. 

Their Let’s Turn it Up World YouTube channel gives people ideas of where to go and what to do in an RV. The couple spends much of their time boondocking, which could give them an edge in RV Unplugged. Yet, they both admit to being fearful of snakes, big spiders and extreme heights. 

To connect with the Villas, visit www.youtube.com/c/TurnItUpWorld.

Chris and Martha Peters with Venturesome Couple

After RVing for 15 years, Chris and Martha Peters said they are dedicated to seeking thrills and other adrenaline-pumping activities. They love to camp anywhere, whether in an RV resort, boondocking in out-of-the-way places, or “moochdocking” with friends. 

A U.S. Air Force veteran, Chris works remotely for a Catholic non-profit healthcare company. Martha is an Alaska native who grew up with the U.S. Coast guard. Together, the couple has one adult daughter. 

The Peters travel in an Alliance Paradigm 340RL fifth wheel with their 6-year-old rottweiler. Florida is their home base and, when they aren’t RVing, they can be found on cruise ships. They admit to having a fear of missing out. Consequently, they believe the purpose of life is to enjoy it to the utmost, and to reach out eagerly, without fear, for newer, richer experiences – something they share with their 7,500 followers.

To connect with the Peters, visit www.venturesomecouple.com.

Chris and Katrina Bellofatto with Our Everyday Getaway

Chris is a retired ironworker and cancer survivor. Katrina worked as a wedding and event florist at the White House for two administrations. With more than six years of part-time experience, the Bellofattos began full-time RVing in December with their 2018 Holiday Rambler Endeavor Class A diesel.

The couple is upgrading their motorhome to enable more off-grid camping with their 9-year-old golden Labrador. 

The Bellofattos’ platform, Our Everyday Getaway, chronicles their travels, offers campground reviews and promotes the RV lifestyle by sharing trips and tips. Although their greatest fear is being stranded by the side of the road, Chris and Katrina are looking forward to sharing life’s adventures with their 7,000 fans. 

To connect with the Bellofattos, visit www.oureverydaygetaway.com.

Howard and Katelyn Newstate with Newstate Nomads

Howard and Katelyn Newstate have traveled extensively across North America in their RV. They also spent 125 straight days boondocking in their 2019 Winnebago Navion Class C motorhome. 

Katelyn is a former television reporter and anchor. Howard is a former Hollywood cinematographer and producer. They met on a rollercoaster and their lives have been an adventure ever since. They are touring with three dogs. 

Their TV and movie experience helped them produce hundreds of videos for their 47,000 followers. One of their most-popular series documented the Newstates’ visits to 51 national parks in 52 weeks. 

To connect with the Newstates, visit www.newstatenomads.com.

Ryan Miller with Millers in Motion

A former professional golfer from Texas, Ryan Miller runs an international special events company on the road. His wife, Lauren, is a physician assistant who likes to compete at horse shows. Together, the Millers started full-time RVing in February 2022 in their brand-new Grand Design Solitude 390RK-R fifth wheel. 

Due to a work commitment keeping Laura at her clinic for the moment, Ryan is competing solo in Season One of RV Unplugged. He’ll have his work cut out for him by doing the work of two, but Ryan said he’s ready to adapt, improvise and overcome his way to victory. 

The couple live in their RV with their two dogs. Today, the Millers are focused on building relationships to bring like-minded people together. 

To connect with the Millers, visit www.millersinmotion.com.

Aaron and Chris Willers with Irene Iron Travels

When Aaron and Chris Willers first started RVing, they lived in a van using a roof-top tent. They have since upgraded to a 2022 Outdoors RV Titanium 22FQS travel trailer, which they share with their Basenji puppy. 

Chris is a health, nutrition and fitness coach who founded Irene Iron Fitness to help others create healthy routines and balance in their lives. Aaron developed and manages the couple’s online platform, Irene Iron Travels. It showcases videos promoting the RV lifestyle, travel and healthy mobile living. He also creates video reviews of various products.

The Willers produce a weekly online video show distributed to their 42,000 subscribers, and they want to create more content promoting boondocking in nature.

To connect with the Willers, visit www.youtube.com/@IreneIronTravels.

Ben and Charity DeVries with Grateful Glamper

Some people like camping under exactly five stars. That’s Ben and Charity DeVries, who founded Grateful Glamper to promote the finer side of outdoor living. One of their biggest fears is staying in hotels, so glamping suits them just fine. 

Based in central Florida, the couple has been full-time RVing since 2018 in their 2004 Fleetwood Discovery 39J with their 12-year-old daughter, 11-year-old son, two cats and a dog. The DeVries said they did not want to settle for a typical 9-to-5 job, nor did they want their kids to grow up living in the same place. 

So they hit the road in style and are sharing their experiences with others. The family maintains a blog and YouTube channel creating content about their travels and lessons learned on the road. Their weekly live show is popular with their 140,000 subscribers. 

To connect with the DeVries, visit www.gratefulglamper.com.

Series starts March 11

The nine-part RV Unplugged series begins March 11 and concludes May 6 at a special boondocking rally at the site of the competition. There are enough tickets available for 150 RVs to participate in the rally and watch the final episode live on a giant outdoor screen.

“Contestants face challenges that will test their mental and physical abilities, all while camping in their RVs. From cooking and building to exploring and surviving, the competition will be intense,” said Tony Flammia, NRVTA director of sales and marketing, who produced and directed the video series. 

“Informational videos are everywhere you look, but RV Unplugged will be the first hybrid game show and reality show to spotlight the lifestyle and people who are living it,” he added. “This action-packed series will be full of shocking twists and drama as contestants compete through rigorous trials to win survival basics and a chance to stay in the game.”

For more information about RV Unplugged, visit www.rvunpluggedtv.com. A one-minute trailer can be seen at www.youtube.com/watch?v=NizPo_KNFfk.

A video about the Season One contestants is available at www.youtube.com/watch?v=JdsFDjsub_8.

Information about the end-of-season boondocking rally can be found at www.rvunpluggedrally.com. Registration is open, but limited to 150 RVs.


The RV Unplugged Season One contestants starting from the front left: Ryan Miller, Phil and Stacy Farley, with Chris and Martha Peters. Middle row: Dave and Tanya Villa, Howard and Katelyn Newstate, Ben and Charity DeVries, plus Chris and Katrina Bellofatto. Back row: Susan and Mike Scarpignato plus Aaron and Chris Willers.