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NRVTA shatters old attendance record with 63 students enrolled in RV Fundamentals class

ATHENS, Texas – A total of 63 students are attending the RV Fundamentals training course this week at the National RV Training Academy. 

It is the largest group of students in the academy’s history and shattered the prior record of 48 set just four months ago. 

Demand for training has stretched NRVTA’s facility and staff to accommodate the surge of people seeking information about how to fix their own RVs or to launch careers as certified RV technicians and inspectors. 

To comply with COVID-19 restrictions, the staff set up 63 six-foot tables scattered throughout all three of the academy’s service bays. Each student has his or her own table, and that will become their workspace for hands-on training, too. 

“We were blown away by the enrollment numbers,” said NRVTA Marketing Director Tony Flammia. “The size of the class shows us that many people are looking for options after losing their jobs earlier this year or realizing they need more control over their income. This as a positive sign that people see a career as an RV technician or inspector as a lucrative opportunity to be in business for themselves.”

Utilizing more hands-on labs, RV Fundamentals replaced the RV Basic Maintenance Training class as the introductory course all students must complete before continuing with any advanced-training options. The class provides an overview of the different electrical, propane and water systems onboard an RV as well as air conditioners, absorption refrigerators, water heaters, furnaces and RV exteriors. 

Upon completion, graduates will be able to diagnose and fix about 80 percent of the common problems people experience with their RVs, said Terry “Cooper” Cooper, founder of NRVTA. 

“That’s a big help for full-time RVers who don’t want to be dependent upon the ability to get a service appointment in order to get simple things fixed,” he explained. “The course also ensures that students have a solid understanding of RV repair fundamentals and tools before continuing advanced courses to enhance their skills.”

Demand for trained RV technicians and inspectors has been high for decades, but that has accelerated as nearly 1 million new RVs were sold in the past three years along with almost 2,000 used RVs purchased every day, Cooper added. About half of the class of 63 is expected to enroll in advanced-training courses.

Two more five-day RV Fundamentals classes are scheduled to begin in 2020 on Nov. 2 and Nov. 30. The cost to attend training is $1,644 plus tools.

To enroll in a course or to get more information, visit; email [email protected] or call (903) 386-0444.