NRVTA to participate in FMCA’s 102 International Convention in Perry, Ga.

Tony FlammiaPress Releases

ATHENS, Texas – Faculty members of the National RV Training Academy (NRVTA) will be actively involved at FMCA’s 102nd International Convention, which takes place next week in Perry, Ga. 

Terry “Cooper” Cooper, president of NRVTA, will be leading FMCA’s RV Basics workshop starting March 7 at the Georgia National Fairgrounds & Agricenter. The workshop is offered in a casual setting and focuses on key preparation, operation, safety and maintenance practices that are essential for trouble-free travel, he explained.

The 2.5-day course will acquaint or reacquaint RV owners with their RV’s operation and systems. It’s Cooper’s first time leading the course that was presented for many years by Gary Bunzer, “The RV Doctor,” who passed away in 2020.

“Through a series of workshops, demonstrations and hands-on exercises, participants will be able to perform basic maintenance on their own RVs,” said Cooper. “By the time the workshop ends, they’ll know what repairs they can do themselves and which problems are best left to a trained RV service professional.”

In addition to the RV Basics workshop, NRVTA staff members will also be presenting five one-hour seminars throughout the week, including:

  • Top 5 Things That Will Go Wrong – Cooper will describe the most common problems RVers face on the road and offer solutions to resolve them before they turn into a trip-ruining hassle. 
  • Do I Need Solar Power & Batteries? – Because upgrading an RV with solar power is a big decision, and often overwhelming considering the array of solar panels and batteries available, Cooper will explain how much solar power RVers typically need. He’ll explain what kind of solar panels people need and in what size. He’ll also clear up technical confusion regarding volts, watts and amp-hours.
  • RV Electrical – People who plan to use their RVs on a regular basis, especially if they’re full-time RVing, need a good understanding of RV wiring and power sources in order to make informed decisions about what sources to draw power from, said Cooper. He’ll also provide troubleshooting tips in case something goes wrong. 
  • Waste Management: It All Flows Downhill – Whether someone is a new owner or considering renting their first RV, Cooper will explain the basics of dumping holding tanks without making a big, stinky mess. He will demonstrate how to get the job done in less than 15 minutes, and offer maintenance tips to care for the three types of holding tanks installed on nearly every RV. 
  • Learning to Live Easy in Your RV Kitchen – Presented by Cooper’s wife, Evada, who is the current administrator of NRVTA and was a full-time RVer for 12 years, she’ll show attendees how to enjoy all the conveniences of home with a better understanding of how RV appliances work and ways to use them efficiently. She’ll also provide an overview of popular appliances as well as offer tips on storing food and organizing the kitchen.
  • Storage Tips & Tricks – Evada also leads this workshop and will show attendees how to fit all the food, clothes, camp chairs, kids, pets and hoses into 400 square feet or less so the items not only fit securely, but can still be accessed when necessary. 

“We are really looking forward to being at the FMCA convention this year,” said Tony Flammia, NRVTA’s sales & marketing director. “This is the first large RV rally to be held in more than a year, so we’re expecting a large turnout of current and prospective RVers. We know they’re going to be hungry to learn more information about their units and the RV lifestyle.

“Because the RV industry exploded in popularity last year, we know that wait times to get RVs in for service can be discouraging in some parts of the country,” he explained. “We’ve developed these seminars and workshops to educate RV users to better maintain their units so they don’t have to go in for repair as often. But, we’re also going to show them do-it-yourself basic maintenance procedures to help reduce their dependency on dealership service departments.”

Flammia will be staffing NRVTA’s booth with his team in the supplier area to assist people interested in enrolling in NRVTA classes to become better educated RV owners or to get advanced training to become NRVTA Certified RV Technicians or Inspectors. People can also purchase the academy’s self-directed home-study maintenance course by visiting the display at Booth 415.