NRVTA’s Tech Tip Tuesdays training videos gain traction on You Tube

Tony FlammiaPress Releases

ATHENS, Texas – When the National RV Training Academy (NRVTA) launched a series of informational videos targeted toward RV users a few months ago, nobody expected the response they received.

NRVTA’s Tech Tip Tuesdays video series is a collaborative effort between lead instructor Todd Henson and Tony Flammia, the school’s sales and marketing director. Each video is less than five minutes in length and involves Henson providing quick advice on a common problem experienced by RV owners. Flammia adds graphic elements to the videos to highlight key information and make them fun to watch. 

All videos close with a blooper reel of Henson trying to get his point across.

“People seem to like the light, simple messages we create and the bloopers not only make people smile, but outtakes make the videos more personable,” said Flammia. 

With nearly 50 videos already produced, NRVTA quadrupled its YouTube subscribers to more than 8,000 in just 28 days. Some videos have amassed nearly 50,000 views in the past month. 

“That’s not bad for starting with a handful of subscribers and an idea to provide quick, reliable low-key training in a fun and memorable way,” he added. 

“I like the engagement we’re getting with viewers,” Henson explained. “It seems each video generates more questions which we turn into more videos.”

Due to the popularity of the program, NRVTA is building a new high-tech studio in Athens to film the Tech Tip Tuesdays episodes, but also to host informal discussions modeled after talk shows. For example, Coffee With Cooper will feature a 10- to 20-minute monologue with Terry Cooper, president and founder of NRVTA, who will talk about issues impacting the RV industry and offer ideas to help consumers better enjoy their RV experiences.

“We really sense a need to improve consumer education within the RV industry,” said Cooper. “There is so much material being produced today on a variety of platforms that people don’t know for sure if the recommendations are true, factual, safe or just someone’s opinion. It can be downright dangerous for consumers to follow some of the advice given by self-professed gurus of the RV lifestyle.”

Other shows are planned to explore career opportunities available to RV technicians and inspectors as well as ways to enhance their businesses. 

For more information about NRVTA and the courses it offers to RV owners, RV technicians and inspectors, call (903) 386-0444, email [email protected] or visit