RVTAA and NRVIA Form Member Advisory Committees to Help Guide Both Associations

Ingrid FeaginPress Releases

ATHENS, Texas – The RV Technician Association of America (RVTAA) and the National RV Inspectors Association (NRVIA) today announced they have formed advisory committees of members who have volunteered to help guide direction of the groups.

The committees are expected to meet online monthly to discuss current issues impacting the associations as well as issues members are seeing in the field. Members will serve for a period of one year.

“We recently surveyed our members regarding how the associations are serving their needs. The first meeting will review those survey results and take input on ways we can address member concerns or add services they would like the associations to provide,” said Gilda Mitchell, director of membership for both groups. 

The goal of the advisory groups is to provide feedback to association staff regarding ways they can help members with their businesses by providing better service to inspectors and mobile RV service technicians. 

“The role of the advisory group is to give us their thoughts on what works well, ways we can fix problems, and how to add value to their membership,” said Mitchell. “We know our members received state-of-the-art training, but we want to continue their success once they leave school. 

“We also want RV owners to view both associations as a go-to resource for repairs and inspections,” she added. “We want to do as much as we can to make inspectors and technicians successful in their careers or businesses.”

Inspector advisory group members include:

  • Scott Wade, with Dog Crate RV
  • Henri Boodee, from Expert RV Inspections & Service
  • Jarrod Douglas, with RV Inspection Guy
  • Lee Verhagen, with Vital Inspections Plus
  • Lisa Carletti, from My RV inspection
  • Shelley Kepford, with Life’s RV Adventures
  • Bryan Carbonnell, from Tech-Reational Vehicle Services
  • David Russell, with RV Shepherd
  • Robert Wilhelm, from Professional RV Inspections

Technician advisory group members include:

  • Bryan Carbonnell, with Tech-Reational Vehicle Services
  • Scott Wade, from Dog Crate RV
  • Steve Rupert, with Sunrise RV Services
  • Garth Frenzel, from En Route RV Services
  • Chris Ratcliff, with R Factor RV Services
  • Glenn Gostick, with Peace of Mind Certified RV Inspections & Service
  • Chad Bell, with The RV Yogi
  • Tim Lavender, from Lavender Mobile RV Solutions
  • Michael Works, with All Things RV
  • Allen Look, from Roving Handyman

For more information on becoming a member of the associations, technicians can visit www.rvtaa.org while inspectors can visit www.nrvia.org.