Should You Use Stabilizer Jacks When Storing Your RV?

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Understanding the Role of Stabilizer Jacks in RV Storage

As RV enthusiasts prepare for winter storage or long-term parking of their travel trailers, a common question arises: should you use stabilizer jacks? This topic was explored in a recent Tech Tip Tuesday by Todd, an expert in RV maintenance and management.

Stabilizer Jacks: Necessary or Not?

Todd addressed a query from a viewer whose husband had concerns about using stabilizer jacks while storing their travel trailer. The fundamental answer is nuanced, depending on various factors like storage location and trailer type.

Indoor vs. Outdoor Storage: For indoor storage, using stabilizer jacks is not necessary. However, if you’re storing your RV outdoors, especially in windy areas, deploying stabilizer jacks can offer additional stability and reduce the rocking caused by strong winds.

Weight Distribution: One of the primary concerns during storage is the weight exerted on the tires. Prolonged pressure can lead to tire deformation. Stabilizer jacks can alleviate some of this weight, but it’s not their primary role. Using jack stands to lift the RV slightly off the ground and periodically rotating the tires is a more effective strategy.

Ground Surface Considerations: If you decide to use stabilizer jacks, the surface they rest on is crucial. Direct contact with soft ground can lead to sinking. It’s advisable to use plywood or similar materials under the jacks for weight distribution, especially on softer surfaces.

The Bottom Line

The decision to use stabilizer jacks for RV storage is not clear-cut. While they offer additional stability, especially in windy conditions, they are not essential for weight distribution or tire health. For these concerns, other methods like using jack stands and rotating tires are more effective.

Remember, every RV and storage situation is unique. Assess your specific needs and conditions to make the best decision for your RV’s longevity and readiness for the next adventure.

Additional RV Maintenance Tips

Todd also delved into other RV-related concerns, such as solar power setups and battery management, emphasizing the importance of understanding your RV’s electrical system for optimal maintenance and operation. As always, his insights prove invaluable for both novice and seasoned RV enthusiasts.

Stay tuned for more tips and tricks in the world of RVs, and remember, proper maintenance and understanding of your vehicle are key to enjoying your travels to the fullest.