Top 5 RV Tech Questions

Ingrid FeaginRV Tech Tips

Welcome to another one of Todd’s Two Minutes Tech Tips, brought to you by the National RV Training Academy, the largest hands-on RV training academy in America. This week, we’re diving into some of your burning RV questions. We’ve had some great ones come in, but let’s face it, some of you need a bit more help crafting the perfect query! So, let’s tackle a few of the more straightforward questions, starting with Sean O’Brien’s inquiry about the best way to clean a rubber membrane roof after a long winter. While we won’t necessarily endorse one specific product, we can offer some best practices.

Rubber membranes like EPDM and TPO are particularly vulnerable to UV damage, so it’s essential to get up there and clean them regularly. A good scrub with soap and water or Simple Green is a great start, but keep in mind that everything you clean off the roof will end up on the sides of your RV. If you want to avoid an all-day cleaning marathon, we suggest limiting your pressure and using products that take the dirt off quickly with minimal pressure.

For spot cleaning, especially around the seals, brake cleaner or parts cleaner can be a game-changer. These products cut through dirt with ease and require no wiping or scrubbing. Just spray and dab! One caveat: be sure to avoid petroleum-based products, as these can eat away at your rubber.

Next up, Lee Glidewell asks how to reattach a seven-pin pigtail connector after forgetting to disconnect it from the tow vehicle and yanking it clean off the junction box. We’ve all been there, Lee! Don’t panic. First, consult a chart to determine which pins go where. If you still have the cable but not the connector, most manufacturers include a diagram with their seven-pin connector. Once you have the right pins in the right places, a large twist connector should do the trick.

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