Use your RV water pump when hooked up to water???

Tony FlammiaRV Tech Tips

Have you ever had this problem? You go to an RV park and either have too much water pressure or not enough pressure? The water just trickles out of your shower head…

You’ve been told to get a water pressure regulator and protect your RV. Don’t get us wrong, this is a good product to have. You’ll find there’s really two types out there. One for about $50 and one for about $12 (See Video). Most folks save a buck and try the $12 regulator.

You hook the in-line water pressure regulator up and try to take a shower finding little to no water pressure coming out. RV parks are always having problems with too much pressure or maybe not enough pressure. The reason for the regulator is we want to stop a cold water hammer by slowing the flow of water down and avoid busting your pipe fittings. This is why you always want to have a regulator when connecting any type of city water.

The problem with these in-line water pressure regulators is some can’t push the volume you need to take a nice shower. A lot of people simply hook up to city water and leave the pump off…but your RV is actually equipped with a holding tank and water pump. Why not use it!

For most of us, if we’re hooked up to city, we don’t use the water pump and here’s the problem. We have water sitting in our water pump & tank just getting stagnant. It’s going to get nasty and we’re gonna have to eventually clean that out.

The best thing we can do is exercise our water pumps. Here’s a TIP: Every time we pull up to a site, just as a suggestion, fill up your water tank and use your water pump while camping. You’ll get consistent pressure from your water pump, anywhere from 45 to 55 psi, that my friends good shower. AND your water doesn’t sit stagnant for long periods of time. You’ll also never have to worry if the park loses water.

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