What is the Emergency Break Away Switch?

What is the Emergency Break Away Switch?

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Introduction: Welcome back to Todds Two Minute Tech Tip Tuesday, brought to you by the National RV Training Academy – the largest hands-on RV training academy in America. Before we dive into today’s tech tip, don’t forget to hit that subscribe button so you never miss out on Todd’s valuable insights. Now, let’s get straight to the heart of the matter – your RV questions.

Understanding the Breakaway Switch: In this episode, Todd tackles a question about the travel trailer emergency brake switch, specifically referring to the Breakaway switch. A viewer inquires about the functionality of the Breakaway switch in the scenario where the master cutoff switch for the house battery is in the off position, and the camper becomes disconnected from the vehicle power cord.

Todd’s Clarification: Todd begins by addressing the viewer’s concern and acknowledges the importance of the Breakaway switch in emergency situations. He notes that despite the misconception around turning off the master disconnect switch, the Breakaway switch remains a critical component for life safety.

Key Question: Activation of the Breakaway Switch: The viewer’s primary question revolves around the seven-pin connector and the number two wire connected to the Breakaway switch. If the master disconnect switch is off and the Breakaway switch is engaged, will it still be active? Todd answers this question definitively – yes.

Breakaway Switch Circuitry: Todd elucidates the dedicated circuit of the Breakaway switch, emphasizing that it operates independently. In case of an emergency where the camper is disconnected, and the Breakaway switch is pulled, it instantly closes the circuit between the batteries and the brakes. Importantly, there’s no fuse in this circuit; it’s a direct connection designed for immediate brake activation.

Understanding the Breakaway Switch’s Independence: The tech tip sheds light on the fact that critical components like the Breakaway switch, landing gear, and even slides are typically on their own circuits. Todd mentions that while OEM configurations may vary slightly, these vital systems are often separated from other power paths.

Closing Thoughts: In conclusion, Todd’s Tech Tip provides a clear understanding of the Breakaway switch’s independence and functionality. It dispels common misunderstandings about the master disconnect switch and reassures viewers about the effectiveness of the Breakaway switch in ensuring the safety of both the RV and its occupants. As Todd wisely puts it, this dedicated circuit is your lifeline in emergencies. Stay informed, stay safe, and happy RVing!