Keep rust off your RV

Codi JohnsonRV Tech Tips

Typically as RVer’s, when it’s summer time we take vacations. And where do we go? To the coast, of course! Well, once we get out to the coast, one of the things we have to consider is the salty water that gets into the air and onto the RV which begins to destroy the framework by causing rust, amongst other things. Now, for those of you that stay on the coast, you’re already aware of this. But for those of us who primarily stay further inland, we must be aware that we need to coat the frame with some type of oil residue to help prevent that salty water and air from taking over and rusting up the frame. 

Now, some people will use used motor oil as a protectant, which I do not recommend. Luckily there are products available that you may use to spray onto the frame to aid in protecting it from rust. One product of note is called Fluid Film, and while I am not endorsing any particular product, it is one I am most familiar with and want to touch on the ease of use. Now, this particular brand allows you to spray up under the chassis, and it is safe to use on metal and plastic. Note that you will want to take special precautions with rubber, because Fluid Film does have a petroleum base. 

What it does:

Fluid Film, and many products like it, will create an oily film on your frame and protect against the destructive properties of the salty air and water. 

Once you’re finished at your destination, you can always wash the oily coating off, reapplying again as needed should you return or as you make multiple trips to salty locations, whether they be summer coastal or northern areas in winter with their salted roads. Doing so will maintain the life of your frame much longer than not protecting it at all.

And there’s your Tech Tip!

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