Remove RV tank black odor

Codi JohnsonRV Tech Tips

Let’s go ahead and talk about eliminating that odor coming from our tank. Now if you haven’t seen our other video, I’ve already discussed a product, Unique Marine Digest-It, that will break down solids inside your holding tank. Digest-It is actually a bacteria that’s poured into the tank and breaks down the solids. 

Well here is where that funky odor comes from, and it’s nothing so obvious as you using the bathroom, but, whenever we evacuate our tanks we are dumping the water which is the bacterias “home” and the bacteria begin to dry out. Whenever you dump your tank and then close it off, you’ll need to fill water back up in the tank. The problem a lot of us have is we open up the black tank, dump everything out and close it back up without reintroducing water into the tank, causing the bacteria to dehydrate and thus causing the funky odors. The Unique brand makes a tank odor eliminator by the name of Skunk Odor Eliminator, and if it’s approaching 100 degrees you will simply throw a couple of tabs down into the tank to eliminate the odor. 

Now, if it will eliminate the odor at 100 degrees, why not keep the tabs in the tank all the time? Well, I’ve actually spoken to the folks over at Unique and they say you don’t have to, that you can simply add water to your tank should you notice any foul smells coming from the tank. 

And there’s your Tech Tip!

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